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Can you name the movies starring Ashton Kutcher, ALL of which have a Rotten rating on

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49% (2011)49% thought Natalie Portman's hotness made up for Ashton's dullness. It's a close call.
48% (2006)His only animated film. Half the critics gave it positive reviews because they considered themselves lucky to JUST hear his voice.
46% (2006)The director casted Kutcher because he secretly hates the Kennedys.
43% (2005)The positive reviews all came from people who accidentally saw the 1967 original with Sidney Poitier and Spencer Tracy.
41% (2005)Another rom com, but this time with Amanda Peet. It really felt like it took six years.
37% (2006)The best part is when Ashton jumps into the ocean. The worst is when he resurfaces.
33% (2004)If only I could go back in time and erase his career.
28% (2008)If only it really had stayed in Vegas.
25% (2000)His first movie, and only as an extra. That was enough to ruin it, apparently (though Ben Affleck might have helped).
23% (2003)I wouldn't let Ashton Kutcher near any of my children, even if I did have eleven more.
RT Score/ (Year)MovieHint
21% (2009)Ashton Kutcher is a rich brainless airhead living in L.A. So is his character.
19% (2003)Brittany Murphy marries Ashton Kutcher. For some reason, it's not a horror film.
18% (2010)Coming this February 14th: Loveless, tedious acting and dialouge.
18% (2000)While you're looking for the car, Ashton, I'll look for your credibility as an actor.
11% (2010)Ashton Kutcher is totally unconvincing as an ex-government assassin. And yet, by the end I was begging for the sweet release of death.
9% (2003)Ashton's superior should have fired him: not for the whole daughter thing, for the utterly banal acting.
7% (2011)ANOTHER holiday movie? What holiday will you be ruining next, Ashton? I thank God that Groundhog Day and Halloween are already taken.
3% (2000)Ashton Kutcher appears as Jim Morrison, apparently unsatisfied with ruining just his own reputation.
2% (2000)You're a disgrace to both the MLB team and Sgt. Walker, Kutcher.
0% (2010)Ashton Kutcher cameos as himself. No wonder it's got the lowest score of all.

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