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There's no reason to believe the fruit they ate was an apple.
Likewise, the Bible never actually says that this devious animal was Satan.
The mark God gave this murderer was to protect him, not punish him.
God told Noah to bring this many of the clean animals. It was two for the unclean animals.
The Gospels don't tell us how many of these there were, and they also didn't show up on the night Jesus was born
This person didn't turn away a pregnant Mary. Heck, he isn't even in the Bible.
On a related note, Mary and Joseph aren't mentioned as riding one of these.
There was a prostitute who believed in Jesus. But she wasn't necessarily the same woman.
1 Timothy says that LOVE of this is the root of all evil
This man is described as having brothers. Catholics interpret it to mean either stepbrothers or cousins.
This guy was eaten by a 'big fish', not a whale.
This is a general term for those who deny Christ, which is never used in Revelation.
Sorry Left Behind, this end-of-times event also isn't mentioned in the Bible.
There's nothing in the Bible saying this is flat, or that it is the center of the universe.
He's never described as ruling over Hell. He mostly wanders the earth.
She didn't cut Samson's hair, she got a servant to do it.

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