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Which player holds the record for points created per game in a season? (Points + points created via assists)
Which team was the only team to have two 25 PPG scorers in the same season in the 90's?
Out of the Bulls selections in the 1984 draft who has won the most Olympic medals?
MJ, KD, Lebron, Wilt, CP3 and David Robinson are top 10 in career PER AND W/S per 48 mins, but which center joins them?
Rajon Rondo has recorded 24 assists in a game. Who is the only other current player to reach that total?
Which modern day franchise played only 1 season in the 50's before dissappearing for 20 years?
Which player once shot 0-14 in game 7 of the NBA finals, costing his team the championship?
Nate Archibald and Oscar Robertson are 2 of the 3 players to average 25 PPG and 10 APG in a season, but who is the other one?
Who is the only player to lead the league in APG as a rookie?
Wilt Chamberlain holds the record for FGA in a game, but who is next on the list?

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