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Can you name the all of the following from the God of War series??

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DescriptionAnswerHint/Which God of War
The Ghost of SpartaMain Character
Main Character's WifeAll GOW's Character
Main Character's DaughterAll GOW's Character
King of the GodsGOW 2 & 3 Boss
Goddess of WomenWife of King of Gods
God of the UnderworldGOW 3 Boss
Queen of the UnderworldWife of God of Underworld
God of the SeaGOW 3 Boss
Fallen God of WarGOW 1 Boss
Goddess of WisdomAll GOW's/Voice of Reason
God of the SunGOW 3 Boss
Goddess of Love/BeautyGOW 1 & 3 Character
God of the North WindGOW 2 & 3
Slayed the Nemean LionGOW 3 Boss
Blacksmith GodGOW 3 Boss
Girl Created by Blacksmith GodGOW 3 Character
Sea God's Water HorsesGOW 3 Boss
Messenger of the GodsGOW 3 Boss
_______ Judges of HadesGOW 3 Characters
Queen of the ScorpionsGOW 3 Boss
Wife of the Titan LeaderMother of the King of Gods
Leader of the TitansTitan/GOW 3 Boss
Mother of EarthTitan/Main Character's Guide/Betrayer
Holds Earth on His ShouldersTitan/GOW 2 Character
Titan in the MountainTitan/GOW 2 Boss
Titan of Destruction / Volcanic TitanTitan/ GOW 2 & 3
Titan of Water and LightningTitan/GOW 2 & 3
Giant Armored MinotaurGOW 1 Boss
Queen of the GorgonsGOW 1 Boss
Fat GorgonGOW 2 Boss
1st Sister of FateGOW 2 Boss / With a Cane
2nd Sister of FateGOW 2 Boss / Flying One
3rd Sister of FateGOW 2 Boss / Fat One
Living Statue of the Sun GodGOW 2 Boss
Holder of the Horse Keeper's KeyGOW 2 Boss
Leader of Barbarian ArmyGOW 2 Boss
Wields a Golden ShieldGOW 2 Boss
Winged ManGOW 2 Boss
Master CraftsmanGOW 3/Father of Winged Man
Architect of Pandora's TempleGOW 1 Character
Leader of the ArgonautsGOW 2 Character
One Eyed BeastAll GOW's Creature
Female Serpent Like CreatureAll GOW's Creature
Winged Half-Woman / Half-BatAll GOW's Creature
DescriptionAnswerHint/Which God of War
Three-Headed DogAll GOW's Creature
Half-Man / Half-BullAll GOW's Creature
Half-Man / Half-GoatAll GOW's Creature
Half-Man / Half-HorseGOW 1 & 3 Creature
Half-Goat / Half-Lion / Half-SnakeGOW 3 Creature
Half-Eagle / Half-LionGOW 2 Creature
Multi-Headed Sea MonsterGOW 1 Creature/Boss
Fire Bird Reborn From AshesGOW 2 Creature
Squid Like Sea MonsterGOW 2 Creature/Boss
Winged HorseGOW 2 Creature
Singing SeductressAll GOW's Creature
Bronze/Stone StatuesGOW 3 Creature
Ghost With Bladed ArmsAll GOW's Creature
Blades of ________GOW 1 Weapon
Rage of the _______GOW 1 Power
Blade of _________GOW 1 Weapon
Blade of the _________GOW 1 Weapon
Poseidon's __________GOW 1 Magic
Medusa's ____________GOW 1 Magic
Zeus' ____________GOW 1 Magic
Army of __________GOW 1 Magic
Blades of ________GOW 2 Weapon
Barbarian ___________GOW 2 Weapon
Spear of ____________GOW 2 Weapon
Blade of ____________GOW 2 & 3 Weapon
Typhon's ___________GOW 2 Magic
Head of ___________GOW 2 Magic
Atlas __________GOW 2 Magic
Rage of the ________GOW 2 Power
Amulet of _________GOW 2 Item
Golden _________GOW 2 & 3 Item
Icarus ________GOW 2 & 3 Item
Claws of _________GOW 3 Weapon
Nemean _________ GOW 3 Weapon
Blades of ________ GOW 3 Weapon
Nemesis ________GOW 3 Weapon
Army of _______GOW 3 Magic
Soul _______GOW 3 Magic
Nemean _________GOW 3 Magic
Nemesis ________GOW 3 Magic
Bow of _________GOW 3 Item
________ of HermesGOW 3 Item
________ of HeliosGOW 3 Item
Boreas' ________GOW 3 Item
DescriptionAnswerHint/Which God of War
Rage of ________ GOW 3 Power
Pandora's _______GOW 1 & 3 Item
The Power to Kill a GodGOW 3 Item
Home of the GodsAll GOW's Place
Place of Suffering Beneath the EarthAll GOW's Place
The Great Pit of _____________All GOW's Place
Main Characters HomelandGOW Place
Battle Place of 1st GOW BossGOW 1 Place
City of AthenaGOW 1 Place
Highest Mountain in GreeceAll GOW's Place
Pandora's _________GOW 1 Place
Desert of _________ ________GOW 1 Place
Cliffs of _______GOW 1 Place
Opening City in GOW 2GOW 2 Place
Home to the Sisters of FateGOW 2 Place
Bog of the _________GOW 2 Place
Steeds of _______GOW 2 Place
Place of the Threads of FateGOW 2 Place
Mirrors of ________GOW 2 Place/Item
Main River of the UnderworldGOW 1 & 3 Place
City On the Side of Mt. OlympusGOW 3 Place
Chain From Underworld to OlympusGOW 3 Place/Item
Large Cube MazeGOW 3 Place
Hyperion ________GOW 3 Item
Omphalos _________GOW 3 Item
Poseidon's __________All GOW's Item
Health OrbsAll GOW's Item
Magic OrbsAll GOW's Item
Upgrade OrbsAll GOW's Item
Health Upgrade - Collect _________All GOW's Item
Magic Upgrade - Collect _________All GOW's Item
Item Power Upgrade - Collect _________GOW 3 Item
Zeus' _________GOW 3 Godly Possession
Hades' ________GOW 3 Godly Possession
Helios' _________GOW 3 Godly Possession
Hermes' ________GOW 3 Godly Possession
Hercules' _________ _______GOW 3 Godly Possession
Poseidon's _______ ________GOW 3 Godly Possession
Aphrodite's __________GOW 3 Godly Possession
Hephaestus' _______GOW 3 Godly Possession
Daedalus' ___________GOW 3 Godly Possession
Hera's __________GOW 3 Godly Possession

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