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TV ShowCharacterExit
Spin CityBecomes an environmental lobbyist and meets Sen. A P Keaton
CheersStarts a writing career
NewsradioDies of a heart attack
7th HeavenMarries and eventually divorces Carlos Rivera
CSIGets engaged in Costa Rica
MonkMarries Ex-husband and moves to New Jersey
Andy Griffith ShowBecomes a detective in Raleigh
Valerie (The Hogan Family)Dies in a car accident
NYPD BlueBecomes a bodyguard
WingsGoes into Witness Protection
TV ShowCharacterExit
AliceBuys a bar in Texas
Happy DaysJoined the army with Ralph
MASHPlane crash over the Sea of Japan
ERMoves to Seattle and later is joined by fiance and twins
Beverly Hills 90210Goes to school at the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts
Facts of LifeMarries and joins spouse in the Peace Corps
SopranosShot by Tony at the farmhouse before turning him in to Johnny Sack.
Three's CompanyHe and Helen sell the apartment building
24Killed by a sniper having just talked to his brother

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