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Candy with split personality
Beer that sound like a bowel movement
A drug that sounds like it's broken
Soda that requires a doctors note
Harry and Lloyd roadtrip to which Colorado town
Number of rings Lebron James has
Former Patriots player on trial for murder (2013)
Lead role in the movie American Gangster
Company that is an antonym of macrohard
First major rapper murdered in the East Coast vs. West Coast hip hop rivalry
NFL player who shot himself in the leg
Birthplace of Starbucks
Non indigenous reptile that is plagueing Florida
Undisputed best snowboarder in history
Atlanta Georgia's most famous burger joint
Two universities who call their football stadium 'Death Valley'
# of NCAA football national championships University of South Carolina has
First NFL team to draft three players from the same area code in the same draft
Dywane Wade's nickname
Current futbol World Player of The Year
Birthplace of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller
Owner of the Dallas Mavericks
'Sticky Hairbrush' = which cereal brand
The 2013 movie 'The Internship' is based on which fortune 500 company
Creator of Napster - played by Justin Timblerlake in 'The Social Network'
'Buckwild's' reality star who sadly passed... RIP away from carbon monoxide poisoning
Host of MTV's greatest show of all time 'Wild N' Out'
I got a _____ on my wrist main, I'm cashin' out
Rapper who disgracefully walked on the American flag in his music video
Rapper who wore a bandaid on his face for absolutely no reason
Name brand of the suitcase Lloyd Christmas attempts to return to Mary Swanson in Dumb & Dumber

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