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Can you name the Canadians Alphabetically?

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Famous ForCanuck A-ZBorn
Busting Ghosts, Blues Brother-A
Perry Mason Star-B
Director-The Fly, Naked Lunch, Crash-C
Chief Engineer, famous starship-D
Supermodel, Appeared in George Michael Videos-E
She's 'like a bird'-F
Took care of Adam, Hoss, and little Joe-G
You may remember him from such films as...-H
Played 'Richter' in Total Recall among dozens of movies-I
World News Tonight-J
Lois Lane-K
You should be 'impressed' by him-L
Comic 'spawned' many creations-M
Famous ForCanuck A-ZBorn
Silver Haired Naked Gun star-N
She left her son 'Home Alone'-O
Ironically 'America's Sweetheart- Silent Film Star-P
First known Quintuplets to survive infancy-Q
Director who earned his 'Stripes'-R
Sidekick, Composer on Late Night Talk Show-S
'What is' to begin most answers-T
Female Lead in 'The Hurricane' amongst others-U
Formula One, CART, Racecar Driver-V
Actress adored by a Giant Ape-W
X for the Genre. Famous Male Porn Star. His last name is a direction
Singer- Long may he run...-Y
Human Star of Air Bud Movies-Z

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