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Can you name the four letter words in this themed word ladder?

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ClueWordRung #
● With last rung, obstacle-ridden offshoot of parent sport ●1
A person's intellect and memory2
● With Rung 6, mind the vanes ●3
Uncontrolled; unrestrained4
Last ____ and Testament5
● With Rung 3, clean energy source ●6
5,280 feet; or 1,760 yards7
An excavation; gold source8
Twining plant stem9
Burden; or Batman villain10
● With Rung 16, ball bounces off structure, usually around corner ●11
Knock on head, in cartoons12
Literary volume13
Footwear for inclement weather14
Fireplace residue15
● With Rung 11, billiards maneuver ●16
Boutique, or place of business17
Karate strike, or blender setting18
ClueWordRung #
To trim photos19
Too much, in France20
● With Rung 28, a setup that channels the ball to a lockbox, ending game ●21
Platter; or waiting aid22
Cry of a donkey or mule23
Women's lingerie tops24
Large, constricting snakes25
Reactions to a bad call26
An unrefined, ill-mannered person27
● With Rung 21, a magician's exit ●28
Dire fate, or tragic end29
Campus living quarters30
French illustrator Gustave31
Apportion, or ration out32
● Course goal, one of 18 ●33
Water-carrying garden tool34
● Get a free game for getting the
ball in the clown's ____ ●
Zip, zilch, nada36
ClueWordRung #
Pitch, or sound quality37
Melody; something to hum38
● Long cylinder carrying the ball from one area of the course to another ●39
A hexahedron40
Medical discovery41
Compassion and concern42
Having arrived or attended43
Outdoor, forested vacation spot44
● Inclined covering of the green ●45
Barrels or plows into46
Legs, in old slang47
A form of play or sport48
More than one; or a handful50
Bottom part of a shoe51
Auctioneer's famed cry52
Gift of the Magi53
● With first rung, focused on putting
in more relaxed course ●

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