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Can you name the words in this 3 letter Star Trek TV Series' abbreviations themed word ladder?

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★ Star Trek series starring William Shatner (abbrev.) ★
★ Second Star Trek series starring William Shatner (abbrev.) ★
A children's game in which one chases the rest, and the one who is touched then becomes the pursuer
★ Star Trek series starring Patrick Stewart (abbrev.) ★
A flammable toxic compound used as a high explosive and in chemical synthesis
★ Star Trek series starring Scott Bakula (abbrev.) ★
To have a meal or snack
A large tank or tub used to hold liquid
The planet in the eponymous Japanese role-playing video game, originally released in 1994 for Sega CD
★ Star Trek series starring Kate Mulgrew (abbrev.) ★
___ Braun, a Federation type 7 shuttlecraft attached to the USS Enterprise-D
To put on an item of clothing
NASA's network of antennas and communication facilities that supports interplanetary spacecraft missions (acronym)
★ Star Trek series starring Avery Brooks (abbrev.) ★

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