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Can you name the missing words related to the Passion of Christ?

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ClueMissing WordLetter
Joseph of ___A
'Away with this man, and release unto us ___'B
___ the High PriestC
___ of PeterD
'___ homo' ('Behold the man!')E
'My God, my God, why have you ___ me?'F
Garden of ___G
___ Antipas, Ruler of GalileeH
Judas ___I
'Your sorrow shall be turned into ___.'J
'Thou shalt thrice deny that thou ___ me.'K
___ SupperL
ClueMissing WordLetter
'Nicodemus brought a mixture of ___ and aloes'M
'Jesus the ___, King of the Jews'N
Mount of ___O
___ PilateP
'The earth did ___; and the rocks rent'Q
The ___ to Golgotha/CalvaryR
___ of CyreneS
Cleansing of the ___T
'Now on the first day of the feast of ___ bread'U
'I am the ___; you are the branches.'V
___ the Disciples' FeetW
James and John, the sons of ___Z

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