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Can you name the missing words from these people and terms related to mathematics?

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ClueMissing WordLetter
___ of Symmetry of a ParabolaA
___ PascalB
Fundamental Theorem of ___ GroupsC
___ Rule of SignsD
Leonhard ___E
___ Last TheoremF
Carl Friedrich ___G
___ Leg TheoremH
Euclid's Proof of the ___ of PrimesI
___ DiscontinuityJ
Seven Bridges of ___K
Gottfried Wilhelm ___L
___ StripM
ClueMissing WordLetter
Sir Isaac ___N
___ AsymptoteO
The 5 ___ SolidsP
Law of ___ ReciprocityQ
Bernhard ___R
The Cauchy-___ InequalityS
___ Property of EqualityT
___ CircleU
___ CalculusV
___ MethodW
___ VectorZ

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