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Can you find BOO in the answers to the following clues for each Sporcle category?

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Played Tight End for the New Orleans SaintsSports
Town in Morris County, New JerseyGeography
2004 Usher and Alicia Keys DuetMusic
1999 Troy Duffy American Vigilante Crime FilmMovies
TLC Beauty Pageant Reality Series Television
Minefield Games in this Category are Filled with TheseJust for Fun
Blackbeard's SpoilsMiscellaneous
American Pioneer, Explorer, and FrontiersmanHistory
To Kill A Mockingbird RecluseLiterature
To Trick, Confuse, or Deceive by Underhanded Methods (English Verb)Language
Field of Mathematics Where the Values of Variables are Truth Values, True and FalseScience
Luigi's Arch NemesisGaming
Yogi Bear's Little BuddyEntertainment
Job 27:18 'He builds his house like a moth's, like a ______ that a watchman makes'Religion
The Nightmare Before Christmas VillainHoliday

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