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Can you name the comic book in which the following characters made their first appearance?

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CharacterFirst AppearancePublisher
Clark Kent/SupermanDC Comics
Bruce Wayne/BatmanDC Comics
Namor/Sub-MarinerTimely Comics
Jay Garrick/The FlashAll-American Pubs.
Billy Batson/Captain MarvelFawcett Comics
The AvengersMarvel Comics
Oliver Queen/Green ArrowDC Comics
Alan Scott/Green LanternAll-American Pubs.
Carter Hall/HawkmanAll-American Pubs.
Wesley Dodds/SandmanDC Comics
Barry Allen/The FlashDC Comics
The Fantastic FourMarvel Comics
Vril Dox/BraniacDC Comics
Jim Corrigan/The SpectreDC Comics
Hal Jordan/Green LanternDC Comics
CharacterFirst AppearancePublisher
Steve Rogers/Captain AmericaTimely Comics
Harvey Dent/Two-FaceDC Comics
Arthur Curry/AquamanDC Comics
The X-MenMarvel Comics
The JokerDC Comics
Princess Diana/Wonder WomanDC Comics
Peter Parker/Spider-ManMarvel Comics
Cyrus Gold/Solomon GrundyAll-American Pubs.
Matt Murdock/DaredevilMarvel Comics
Dick Grayson/RobinDC Comics
Uxas/DarkseidDC Comics
Kara Zor-El/SupergirlDC Comics
Bruce Banner/The HulkMarvel Comics
BizarroDC Comics
Victor von Doom/Dr. DoomMarvel Comics
CharacterFirst AppearancePublisher
The Justice League of AmericaDC Comics
Ray Palmer/The AtomDC Comics
Ra's al GhulDC Comics
J'onn J'onzz/Martian ManhunterDC Comics
Tony Stark/Iron ManMarvel Comics
Charles Francis Xavier/Professor XMarvel Comics
Dr. Stephen Strange/Doctor StrangeMarvel Comics
Teen TitansDC Comics
Donald Blake/Thor OdinsonMarvel Comics
Erik Lehnsherr/MagnetoMarvel Comics
Alexander 'Lex' LuthorDC Comics
Selina Kyle/CatwomanDC Comics
The Justice Society of AmericaDC Comics
Edward Nigma/The RiddlerDC Comics
Mr. MxyzptlkDC Comics

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