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Can you name the people who died on their birthday?

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Swedish actress who is best known for her role in 'Casablanca'1915 - 1982
American feminist known for her 1963 book 'The Feminine Mystique'1921 - 2006
Italian mononymous painter and architect, his best known work is 'The School of Athens' which is on a wall at the Vatican 1483 - 1520
American gangster during the Prohibition era who's moniker is used by an Ohio rapper1895 - 1954
The fifth king of Hawaii from 1863 to 1872, the name is used in the 'Kyle's Mom' song from South Park1830 - 1872
Lawyer and politician who was the son of the 32nd president of the USA1914 - 1988
English playwright who is known as the 'Bard of Avon'1564 - 1616
Jazz saxophonist from New Orleans, known as one of the first important soloists in jazz, along with Louis Armstrong1897 - 1959
Yorkshire-born American Hall of Fame jockey who, by 1956, had broken the record for most races won (4870)1907 - 2003

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