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Gomer Pyle
Male silent film star
Sportscaster, called most of Rocky's fights
Nominated for Oscar for 'Sahara'
Female silent film star
Famous poet
Russian silent film star
Best Actress Oscar for 'Hud'
Shares last name with 1 of the 'Three Amigos'
Biggest female silent film star
Directed 'Titanic' - the 1953 version
Wrote screenplay for Hell's Angels
The Original James Bond
Part of top family sitcom of 1950's
Known on Broadway for 'Lend an Ear'
Star of 1950's top family sitcom
Star of 1950's top family sitcom
Singing father of Gunnar and Matthew
Producer/Narrarator from 1930's and 1940's
Produced most Tom Clancy movies
Had a self-titled prime-time sitcom
Shares name with face of 'Mad' magazine
Butch Cassidy
Leader of the 'Wayn-iacs'
'Grease' lead
Directed original 'Ben Hur'
African American dancing brothers
Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek
Most notable Lakers fan
'I am serious, and don't call me Shirley.'
Jazz disc jockey
Radio announcer in 1930's
Announcer on Bob Hope Show
Silent film actress
'Live Long and Prosper'
Starred in Pink Panther movies
Starred in 'Winner Take All'
Captain Queeg on TV
Silent film actress
Walker, Texas Ranger
Vertigo actress
Starred in original 'Ben Hur'

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