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Can you name the 50 unsafest countries, cities or states for lone women travelers? (easy)

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HintCountry, City, StateWhy so dangerous?
country: big, South Asia
country/state: Americas
country/city: waterfalls, NA
city/state: Bart, Maggie...
city/state: apple sucks now?
country: two continents you say?
city: paaahteyyy! like a giant festival
city: used to be a capital of a split empire
country: when you think of Africa...
country: hashish grows very well
country: hot spot for female sex tourism, still despite
city: capital of a snowball factory
country: drugs for the jetset of the US
city: smile, you're under a violent attack
country: at war since the 40s
country: quake-rs earth
city: built for tourism, taken for cartels
country/city: both at the same time?
country: Jack Sparrow put in shame by
country: Laden's son's last home
city/state: something about natives previously
city/state: old people like
country: Americas' violence belt
country: wear a sack with a peephole?
country: miss universe factory
HintCountry, City, StateWhy so dangerous?
country: ..or a rug, or a hound
city/state: this place is Wild
state/city: many people list this outside the other states
city/country: Boob Gnarly... or similar
country: too many islands in a long formation
country: armpit of the continent
country: the only 1 not caring about 'westernization'
country: caribbean para-dies
city: a capital and a drink for the equidae named after
country: with possibly the world's craziest neighbor
city/state: more of those rotten apples
city: capital of kitty and ...
city: capital of it's country and of the pickpocketing
city: capital that is with New and without
country: used to be red, now only in name
city: capital of a fruity? country
city/country: capital of the hooligans and something about mercury and May
country: under attack by 'unknown forces'
city: is a country or is it a city?
city/state: family guy
state/country: ...and a dog breed
country: 4 letters, dry
country: with a male in its name
city/state: wings, probably cut with a curved blade
city/state: we're not in this boring movie any more

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