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Can you name the answers to the questions, revealing one letter of the final question?

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Question:Answer:One Key to Find the Message:
What country has Podgorica as its capital?
Who voiced Hans in the hit 2014 production 'Frozen?'
What is the 1st course of the Star Cup in Mario Kart Wii?
What day was Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2012?
What team won the most medals at the 1998 Winter Olympics?
Who sang hit song 'Fireball' along with Pitbull?
How many bones are in the human foot?
What language is most widely spoken in Ethiopia?
What room do Zoey, Lola, and Quinn have their beds in in Zoey 101?
Name a major religion that started in the Middle East.
What is the 50th prime number?
Who wrote Stalin-based book Animal Farm?
What country is the richest per capita?
Who won best album at the Grammy awards 2015?
What TV show takes place in Springfield, however there is not a state given?
As of January 2015, how many Grand Theft Autos are there?
Question:Answer:One Key to Find the Message:
What holiday did the hit AMC TV show Walking Dead premier on in 2010?
What is the square of 39?
How many feet long is the large intestine?
Where is Gilbertese spoken?
What does Easter celebrate?
What is the tallest mountain on the island of New Guinea?
What two numbers put together make up one of Beyoncé's songs released on November 2014?
How many colors are on the Colombian flag?
What TV show is this quote from: 'Born in West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days'?
What month and year did Columbus cross the Atlantic?
Unscramble the word: ETULCET
What was the last name of the comedian who was famous for using a mallet to smash watermelons?
What year did WWI start?
What is 17^3?
Name one of Adam and Eve's sons.
Who invented the TV?
Question:Answer:One Key to Find the Message:
What country's population density is the least (Africa)?
What is Garfield's favorite food?
What country were the first Boston Terriers found?
Which came first: the Nintendo 64, SNES, DS, or Wii?
As of 2015, who wears the 5 jersey of the NY Mets?
Who was the ruler of the Olympians in Ancient Greece?
What city is the famous Liberty Bell located in?
What creates a lot of blood for yourself? (Hint: it's in your arm.)
How many letters are in the Russian alphabet?
What planet is famous for it's rings?
Name one of the 2 countries containing the 2nd tallest mountain (or name this mountain).
What country won the 2011 Miss Universe pageant?
Of the 10 guests, who was the last to die in And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians)?
Who sang 'Take Me To Church'?
What greek goddess was the goddess of beauty?
Name the answer to the secret message:

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