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Can you name the Simpsons (main characters) whose hair is a shade of blue?

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Seymour's motherIt's a pale white, with blue accents in a way.
Literally a lawyer with blue hairHe's not a really important character.
Chief of SpringfieldSignificantly blue, under a cap matching his outfit and hair.
Mouse on a popular cartoonI'm not sure he has hair.
Bart's best friend's fatherPart of it is bare scalp.
TV clownReally teal, and falling off. It looks like a blue Sideshow Bob wig.
Bart's best friend's motherI'm not sure it's real hair. Maybe it's dye?
Loving wife of HomerHer hair is probably taller more than she is.
Bart's best friendAll of his relatives have blue hair.
Boss, richest man, and oldest man aliveIt's more grayish with blue highlights.
Hispanic doctorSometimes it's black hair.
Homer's blue-earring-wearing sister in lawIt's also a pale shade of blue, almost purple.
Chief of Springfield's wifePale blueish purple.
Homer's orange-earring-wearing sister in lawIt's a pale shade of blue, almost purple.
Identical twin school child who wears bows a lotA lot of people consider her hair purple.
Krusty's assistantI didn't count the bone for this. *hint hint*
Other identical twin school child who wears bows a lotA lot of people consider her hair purple too.

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