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Can you name the answers to the questions, even though all of the answers are April Fools' Day? (Hint: the answer is the opposite of the correct one)

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Watch out... I set out mines on every (realistically) correct answer!
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Question:April Fools Answer:Real Answer:
Is the most populated state?
Is the least populated country?
Is the richest country per capita?
Is the largest Oceanic country?
Was the first US state founded?
Is the 6th most populated country in North America?
Is the 8th largest European country by area?
Was the first country founded?
Has the 2nd most tourists per year (country)?
Is the 4th most obese country?
Question:April Fools Answer:Real Answer:
Is the northern-most country?
Has the highest human development (country)?
Has the 5th least freedom according to the world global freedom index (country)?
Has the lowest HIV prevalence rate (country)?
Is the 3rd biggest continent?
Has the slowest internet speed?
Has the highest amount of Jewish people, and has no jews?
Is the densest continent?
Has the highest percentage of African Americans for a US state?
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