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Can you name the things about Canada based on the letter they start with and the description of it provided?

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ABorders provinces Northwest Territories, Sasketchawan, and British Columbia, as well as US state Montana.
BThe largest island in Canada (5th worldwide) that is extremely close to Greenland
COfficial bird of Canada
DCurrency of Canada
EPart of Canada's border with the US; the 4th largest Great Lake
FCapital of New Brunswick
GRiver of Quebec flowing from Lac-Saint-Luzon to Hudson Bay
HThe most played sport in Canada (in winter)
ILargest (and only) city in Nunavut
JPrime minister of Canada from 1993-2003
K10th largest Canadian city, found in Ontario
LTallest mountain of Canada
MPolice Force of Canada
NBreed of dog & half of a province near Quebec and New Brunswick
OCapital of Canada
PThe only Canadian province with NO borders
QLaval and Gatineau are big cities in this Canadian province
RCapital of Sasketchawan
SLargest city of Sasketchawan
TLargest metropolitan area of Canada
UNeighboring country
VThe 2nd largest island in Canada (8th worldwide) found in Nunavut and Northwest Territories
WCapital of Yukon
XX is the second letter of the 7th largest island in Canada, located in Nunavut with no known population whatsoever.
YFirst name of the President of the Royal Society of Canada from 2007-2009
ZLake in Mackensie no. 23 at an elevation of 320 meters

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