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In August 2017, which soccer/football star signed with Paris Saint-Germaine for a world record of approximately a quarter billion dollars?
Which Shakespeare play features the line, “So shines a good deed in a naughty world”?
From December 1974 to January 1999, astronaut John Glenn served as a Democratic senator for which US state?
Which California city is nicknamed “The Capital of Silicon Valley”?
Known as Yugoslavia at the time, First Lady Melania Trump was born in what modern-day country?
The word “Yahoo” originates from the name of a fictional race of creatures in which novel?
In 1903, Mary Anderson was awarded a patent after inventing what now-standard feature on cars?
Released in 2014, what was Sam Smith’s award-winning debut album?
In 2017, which film won a record seven Golden Globe Awards, winning in every category for which it was nominated?
In Ancient Greece, what was a hoplite?
The Strait of Gibraltar links the Atlantic Ocean with what body of water?
Introducing commercial flights in 2011, the Boeing 787 is also known as the what?
What was Princess Diana’s maiden name?
Denim is typically made from what fiber?
What company is the subject of the 2016 film “The Founder”?
On what river is the Hoover Dam located?
In the film “The Shawshank Redemption,” Andy conceals his escape tunnel behind a poster of which actress?
ARPANET computer scientist Ray Tomlinson is internationally considered the inventor of what?
What is the one-word name for the “infinity” symbol?
“Barista” is the Italian for what?
“Sycamore Row” was the 2013 sequel to what John Grisham novel—his first?
In the 19th century, what condition was known as “consumption”?
Which British author wrote the “Mr. Men” and “Little Miss” series of books?
In the TV series “Friends,” most episode titles started off with what three words?
Who wrote “Bridget Jones’ Diary”?
The Mobius Loop is more commonly known as the symbol to remind people to do what?
In which film does Arnold Schwarzenegger famously yell, “Get to the choppa!”?
Mother/Saint Teresa of Calcutta was born in 1910 in Skopje, which is now the capital of what modern-day country?
In film and TV productions, what is the name for the person in charge of the lights and electricity?
In which country is the Bataan Peninsula?
Carrie Fisher was the daughter of which actress?
Which 1920 book was Agatha Christie’s debut novel, and introduced Hercule Poirot?
The Leaning Tower of Pisa is in which region of Italy?
What is the term for a grammar mark that appears above a word, such as a tilde or an umlaut?
Rick Allen, who plays with only one arm, is the drummer for which band?
The phrase “Book’em, Danno,” is associated with which police show?
Located in Argentina, what is the world’s highest mountain outside of Asia?
In 1997, which model of Toyota became the world’s first modern, mass-produced hybrid?
Who is “The Muscles from Brussels”?
Which piece of music by Tchaikovsky calls for the firing of cannons?
In Soccer/Football, what is the term for when the ball is passed through an opponent’s legs?
In what year did women gain the right to vote in Switzerland?
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was founded in what city in 1960?
In computers, what does USB stand for?
In the 1993 film “Groundhog Day,” Bill Murray’s character wakes up every day to what Sonny & Cher song?
English illustrator Martin Handford created what series of children’s books in 1984?
Completed in 537 and remaining the world’s largest cathedral for nearly 1,000 years, the Hagia Sophia is in what modern-day city?
In imperial measurements, what distance is equal to four inches?
What bone is commonly referred to as the tailbone?
Which South Carolina politician is the only person in US history to have served in the Senate at age 100?

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