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In what year did Alaska and Hawaii become the last two states to be admitted to the US?
What is the northernmost country in Africa?
Completed in 2012, the tallest building in what city is known as The Shard?
What’s the horizontal support beam on top of a window or door?
Which of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies provides the title of his 2012 autobiography?
Who wrote and performed the famous theme song to the 1984 film “Ghostbusters”?
Which famous piece by Mozart was left unfinished at the time of his death?
In 2013, Queen Beatrix announced her resignation after 33 years of what country’s monarch?
From the Latin for “little ring,” what animals are annelids?
In 2001, Dennis Tito became the first person to go where as a tourist?
Now a hit Netflix series, who wrote the best-selling debut novel “13 Reasons Why” in 2007?
In the series “Happy Days,” what was the first name of The Fonz?
Niagara Falls sits on the border between New York state, and which Canadian province?
Which legendary performer made his film debut in 1956’s “Love Me Tender”?
Venison is the meat of what animal?
Kent State, home of the namesake 1970 shooting, is a university in what US state?
What is the most abundant protein in the human body?
50 Cent is a member of which rap group?
In 1973, which company introduced the first jet ski?
The Greek word “tera” as in “terabyte” comes from the Greek for what?
What is stuffed into a carpetbag steak?
The famous Medici family ruled what city?
The average distance between the Earth and the Sun is known as a what type of unit?
Which wife of Henry VIII was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I?
What is the literal meaning of the French phrase vis-à-vis?
Jakob Dylan, son of Bob Dylan, is the frontman for which band?
The Hasselblad Award is given to people in what field of the arts?
What is your “patella”?
“Family Plot” was the final movie directed by whom?
Celebrated on May 8, Victory in Europe Day falls on the same day as which President’s birthday?
What number on Wall Street is the New York Stock Exchange located?
Billionaire Mark Cuban owns what NBA team?
Between October and December 2016, which fictional character was made an honorary ambassador to the U.N. for the empowerment of young girls?
Cashmere wool is obtained from what animal?
What is the only country in the Olympics that does not tip its flag to the host nation?
Who was the first and only person to be President of the Soviet Union
Greenland is a self-governing territory of which country?
What is a prestidigitator?
In 1649, which king was tried and convicted of treason?
In 1956, a crisis erupted between the UK and Egypt over what body of water, and led to Anthony Eden’s resignation?
Lys Assia, winner of the first Eurovision contest in 1956, came from what country?
Bora Bora lies in the territory of which country?
The Colossus of Rhodes depicted which Greek titan?
What is the only of five boroughs in New York City to not be connected to the others via subway?
The American award for excellence in cuisine and cookery is the James what award?
Who wrote the classic science fiction novel “Dune”?
A person with coeliac disease cannot tolerate what in food?
What food is sometimes known as a Punic Apple?
Which New York nightclub is now a Broadway theater, and was opened in 1924 as the Gallo Opera House?
According to Forbes, what was the world’s most valuable sports team in 2016?

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