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In 1976, what was the first ship built in the NASA shuttle program, but was unable to be launched into space?
What is the name of the design in which bricks are laid?
Musician Yoann Lemoine, known as Woodkid, is from what country?
The element Lithium takes its name from the Greek for what?
The Beatles were involved in a lawsuit against which company over its name and logo?
The surname 'Mac' as in 'MacDonald' is translated from the Gaelic for what?
Which 1933 film ends with the line, 'It was beauty killed the beast'?
Surveyed between 1763 and 1767, the Mason-Dixon line establishes the boundaries of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and which US state?
The shell of a coconut has three germination pores, more commonly known as what?
Francisco Franco was dictator of what country from 1939 until his death in 1975?
Who wrote the 1981 single 'Happy Birthday' as part of a campaign to make Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday a holiday in the US?
The E Street Group is the long-time backing group of which singer?
Built in the mid-1600s, the Taj Mahal is located in what Indian city?
American writer and reporter Walter Lippmann introduced what two-word concept to describe a tense conflict that lasted for decades in the 1900s?
With 92, what element has the highest atomic number on the Periodic Table to have a single-letter chemical symbol?
What convention, held in New York in July 1848, have historians dubbed the 'First Women's Right Convention'?
In 2013, Nik Wallenda made a tightrope crossing at which US landmark?
At approximately 839,000 square miles, what is the largest bay in the world?
American chemist Wallace Carothers, who worked at DuPont, is credited with creating what polymer?
Which bestselling author and British politician was in jail for perjury between 2001 and 2003?
What was the nickname of German WWII tank commander Erwin Rommel?
Who is the subject of the Philip Glass opera 'The Perfect American'?
Metropolis, a city of 6,500 people and declared the official home of Superman, is in what US state?
What is the term for sound that registers at lower than 20 Hz a second, which is considered the 'limit' of hearing for humans?
In 2009, Susan Boyle found international fame after appearing on what TV show?
What award is given to the top goal scorer in a FIFA World Cup?
In Geometry, what is the term for a triangle with no equal sides?
'Gosling' refers to the young of what animal?
Who was the first cartoon character to have their name listed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
What is the subject of Ernest Hemingway's 1932 nonfiction book 'Death in the Afternoon'?
Eventually winning it two more times, who did Muhammad Ali first defeat in 1964 to become the world heavyweight boxing champion?
In the Mesopotamian epic, which demigod is the king of the city of Uruk?
First published in 1980, who wrote the 'Spot the Dog' books?
What name is given to leaders of Sikhism, and appears in the title of its central text 'Granth Sahib'?
Which university has the secret society known as Skull and Bones?
Sean Connery plays Mark Rutland in which 1964 Alfred Hitchcock movie?
The International Date Line runs between the North and South Poles through the middle of which ocean?
What ancient unit of measurement was based on the distance from the tip of the middle finger to the bottom of the elbow?
Steve Martin is a Grammy-winning musician with which instrument?
The kiwi fruit originated in what country?
Who was named 'Person of the Century' in the December 31, 1999 edition of Time magazine?
In the 1600s, Europeans from what country were the first to document the existence of Australia?
At the 2017 Academy Awards, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly announced that what film won Best Picture, rather than the true winner 'Moonlight'?
'I have always counted on the kindness of strangers' is a famous line from what play?
Princes William and Harry are former students of which educational institution?
What is the term for a verb that is only grammatically correct if it's paired with an object?
The first Hard Rock Cafe opened in 1971 in what city?
The Saxons take their name from Saxony, which is in what modern-day country?
In 2015, which Grammy-winning pop star recorded 'Today's the Day' as the new theme song for Ellen Degeneres's talk show?
Which workplace 'law' states that the time it takes to complete a job expands to fill the time available to finish it?

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