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Can you name the random Harry Potter people, places, and things A-Z?

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Wizard prison guarded by Dementors
Nagini was hidden inside her corpse
Petrified by the basilisk. Brother named Dennis.
Spell that makes Hermione's teeth grow
Passing grade on the OWLs
Actor who plays Draco Malfoy
Bloodthirsty werewolf employed by Voldemort
One-legged creature that appears to be made of wisps of smoke. Lurs people into bogs.
Spell that produces fire
Went on holiday in Albania and didn't survive to return to her job at the Ministry of Magic.
Driven by Ernie Prang.
Spell that counteracts 'Levicorpus'
Egyptian referee for the Quidditch World Cup
Wizarding prison built by Gellert Grindelwald
The act of magically closing one's mind.
Snape's mother's maiden name
Professor Quirrell's first name
Tickling charm
Harry, Ron, and Hermione's code name for Sirius
Apparation Instructor
5th Year Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher
Author of Unfogging the Future
First name of the actor who plays Professor Flitwick. ______ Davis
First name of Luna's father
Death eater who grabbed Hermione while she was apparating out of the Ministry.
A Slytherin member of the Slug Club (Last name)

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