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Answer the questions from the SuperMarioLogan YouTube channel

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What SML stands forSuper Easy
Mario's sonSuper Easy
Bowser's Favourite showEasy
Junior's favourite ToyEasy
What Woody HuntsEasy
Shrek's favourite foodEasy
Jeffy's Rap songEasy
Junior's favourite showEasy
Cody's BoyfriendEasy
Who Plays Bowser/ChefPeePee/Joseph?Medium
Jeffy's Pet HampsterMedium
Who plays Cody/Brooklyn Guy?Medium
Logan's Last NameMedium
Logan's favourite SingerMedium
How many Switch's did Logan give out on YouTubeMedium
How many on his InstagramMedium
Who has Chilly played?Medium
100th Sml MovieHard
Link/Toon Link's name in SMLHard
Junior's FearHard
One of Logan's dogsHard
Junior's YouTube nameHard
Chef Pee Pee's CloneHard
Logan's first videoHard
What Celebrity shared Junior's fearSuper Hard

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