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Can you name the Human Muscles based on Action?

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Draws scapula forward
Flexes Arm
Extends, adducts arm
Flexes forearm
Pronates forearm
Flexes wrist
Weak wrist flexor
Flexes wirst
Flexes thumb
Extends wrist
Abducts thumb
Extends thumb
Flexes thumb
Opposition of thumb
Adducts thumb
Opposition of little finger
Flexes metacarpo-phalangeal joints
Adducts fingers
Abducts fingers
Flexes vertebral column laterally
Raises eyebrows
Blinking and squinting
Raises lateral corners of the mouth upward
Raises upper lip
Draws lower lip down
Closes and protrudes lips
Elevates mandible
Elevates and retracts mandible
Elevates hyoid bone
Elevates and retracts hyoid
Elevates hyoid and floor of mouth
Depresses larynx and hyoid
Pulls larynx and hyoid bone inferiorly
Depresses hyoid, elevates larynx
Constricts pharynx
Flexes head
Stabilizes, retracts, raises, and rotates scapula
Elevates scapula
Abducts arm
Extends forearm
Extends fingers
Extends wrist
Elevates an protrudes mandible
Protrudes mandible
Draws corners of mouth laterally
Protrudes tongue
Depresses tongue
Retracts tongue
Pulls scalp posteriorly
Pulls hyoid bone superiorly
Extends/hyperextends head
Extends vertebral column
Extends vertebral column and head
Elevates rib cage
Depresses rib cage
Increases intra-abdominal pressure
Flexes and rotates lumbar vertebral column
Supports pelvic viscera
Constricts urethra
Maintains erection
Holds scapula to chest wall
Medially rotates humerus
Stabilizes shoulder joint
Stabilizes shoulder joint, laterally rotates humerus
Extends, medially rotates, adducts humerus
Flexes, adducts humerus
Extends forearm
Flexes elbow, supinates forearm
Flexes forearm
Flexes fingers
Supinates forearm
Flexes, rotates neck
Retracts scapula
Flexes Thigh
Abducts, laterally rotates thigh
Adducts, medially rotates thigh
Extends leg at knee, flexes thigh
Extends knee
Abducts thigh
Extends thigh
Abducts and medially rotates thigh
Laterally rotates extended thigh
Extends thigh, flexes leg at knee
Dorsiflexes, inverts foot
Extends toes
Extends big toe
Plantar flexes, everts foot
Plantar flexes foot
Flexes knee, plantar flexes foot
Flexes toes
Flexes big toe
Flexes metatarso-phalangeal joints
Adducts toes
Abducts toes
Adducts, flexes, medially rotates thigh
Adducts thigh, flexes and medially rotates leg
Dorsiflexes and everts foot

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