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Wayne Campbell, portrayed by
and his best friend Garth Algar, portrayed by
have a TV show named
which is filmed in Wayne's parents house in the city of
which is a suburb of
They headbang in Garth's car to
on their way to a donut store named after Blackhawk legend
The store is managed by Glen, portrayed by
They end up seeing a band named
fronted by Cassandra, portrayed by
If she were a president she would be
If she were a constellation, she would be
Benjamin Kane, the movie's antagonist, is portrayed by
He purchases the show with the help of a sponsorship from
Wayne uses his money to purchase this guitar of his dreams...
A sign at the store prohibits the playing of this song
Wayne and Garth say this when their hockey game restarts after being disrupted by cars
Wayne's psycho ex-girlfriend is named
Wayne successfully woos Cassandra by mastering her native language of
She learned English mostly from this series of movies
Benjamin gives Wayne and Garth backstage tickets to see
in the city of
where Wayne and Garth pay homage to the TV show
At the concert, he meets Mr. Big's Security guard portrayed by
When the band offers Wayne and Garth the opportunity to hang out, they reply
Wayne hears this song when thinking of his dream girl
Garth sings this song when daydreaming of his dream girl
Wayne gets pulled over by this cop, who asks if Wayne has seen the boy in the picture
Cassandra's band performs this song for Mr. Big
This ending has Cassandra ending up with Benjamin
This ending has Benjamin revealed as Old Man Withers
This ending has Cassandra getting a deal from Mr. Big, Garth getting his girl, and plutonic love between two grown men

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