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Can you name the Justice League Unlimited Members?

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The Man of Steel
The Dark Knight
Amazonian Princess
Fastest Man Alive
J'onn J'onnz
In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night...
King of the Seas
Emerald Archer
Sonic Scream
The Mighty Mite
Windy Android
Stretchy Guy On Crowd Control
Winged Archaeologist
Skaeps Sdrawkcab
Faceless Conspiracy Theorist
Purple Heroine Born Into The Mob
Radioactive Military Man
Attention-lover From The Future
The Previous Hero's Robot
Apache Chief Pastiche
Hot-Headed Brother
Peaceful Brother
Powerful Sorcerer
Gone, Gone The Form of Man, Rise...
Son of Darkseid
Superman's Cousin
Prized Boxer
Green And, you know...Brazilian
Opposite Powers of the Last One
Armored With A Big Hammer
Green Lantern's Other Love Interest
Talks To The Animals
Wields Cosmic Staff
Mentor to Previous
Champion of Quetzalcoatl
Master Escape Artist
Temperamental Wife Of The Former
Rides A Winged Horse
Electrically Charged
Bat of the Future
Azure Demon
Asian Master Of The Spectrum
Red Noir Hero
Green Arrow's Ex-Sidekick
Martian Manhunter's Fill-In
Son Of Two Leaguers, From The Future
Scarred Cowboy
Floral-lapelled Cowboy
Masked Mexican With a Whip
Native American Sheriff
Big Pink Green Lantern
John Stewart's Former Trainer and Lover
Adaptable Android
Size-Changing Giant
Captain America Knock-Off
Joker-ish TV Reporter
Identical Twins
Owl-owner With Goggles
Kinda Looks Like Esmeralda
Super-powered...For An Hour
Pink Genie and It's Master
Transforms Into Any Element
Blonde Super Spy
Powers Over The Dark
Powers Over The Light
Russian Iron Man
Wears A Gas Mask
Controls Vibrations
Another Time Traveller

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