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For true Mean Girls fans, here's an actual challenge. Not enough time to google around, so have some dignity and do the best you can.

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What did God create on the third day?
What is Regina George's favorite movie?
Who got two candy canes before Glenn Coco?
What word did the home-schooled girl spell?
What tribe gave Cady's mom a fertility vase? (starts with N)
What show did Cady's parents go see?
What is Principal Duvall's nephew's name?
Where does Ms. Norbury bartend?
Who does Regina impersonate from Planned Parenthood?
What is the name of Karen Smith's cousin?
Where did Regina's first boyfriend Kyle move to?
'I got parents calling me, asking did someone ___ ____?'
Who got caught making out with Coach Carr in the projection room above the auditorium?
What does Aaron think Regina is doing while she's really making out with Shane Oman?
'You should really think about joining [the Mathletes]. Because we'd like __ ___ _______.'
What does Kevin G's business card say? (Part 1)
What does Kevin G's business card say? (Part 2)
Who's the only guy who calls Ms. Norbury's house?
Where is he from? (see previous question)
Who made out with a hot dog? (first name only)

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