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Can you name the movies these cars are from?

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 Ford Mustang
 Dodge Charger
 Peugeot 406
 Aston Martin DB5
 Ford Mustang
 Jaguar E-Type
 Ford Torino
 Chevrolet Camaro
 Ford Explorer
 Ford Mustang Shelby
 Chevrolet Chevelle
 Ford Econoline
 Dodge Monaco
 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
 Plymouth Fury
 Mini Cooper
 Cadillac Meteor Hearse
 Delorean DMC
 Pontiac Trans Am
 Panther De Ville
 AMC Pacer
 Il Tempo Gigante
 Ford Interceptor
 Chevy Van
 Lincoln Continental
 Subaru 4WD
 Volkswagen Bug
 Dodge Charger

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