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Power: 1 joule/second or 1/746 horsepower (electrical)
*Area: 1030 barn or roughly 2.471 acres
Volume: 1/768 gallon or 80 minims
Auxiliary magnetic field: 1/4π gauss
Magnetic flux density: 10 kilogauss
Binding energy: 1/2 hartree or roughly 2.18×10-18 joules
*Inductance: 1012 second2/farad
Pressure: 1.01325 bar or 760 torr
Electric current: base SI unit, 1 coulomb/second
Temperature: base SI unit, 5/9 degrees Rankine
Electric charge (cgs): 1 centimeter · √dyne
Pressure: 1 newton per square meter or 10-5 bar
Volume: 1 cubic decimeter or roughly 0.880 quarts
Distance: 1/4 hand or 2.54 centimeters
*Electric charge (cgs): 1018 centimeter · √dyne
Electrical resistance: 1 second/farad
*Time: 105 shakes or roughly 2.78×10-7 hours
Energy: roughly 1.602×10-19 joules
*Force: 1018 kilogram · meter/second2
Distance: 1/6 fathom or 3.048×109 angstroms

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