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Where the airplane drops you off -OR- A film series about Death plotting to kill a group of teens
Popular song by Creed in which the singer is 'six feet from the edge'
This Italian science fiction film is based on the story 'I Am Legend'
What Conrad Birdie needs from Kim before he is enlisted
This bald monk named Avatar is known by this title
Tom Cruise learns about Eastern culture in this film
Hitler's plan for the purification of the races
The NCAA championship games
Julia Stiles blends hip hop with Ballet in this 2001 film
Gob Bluth is known for performing magic to this Europe hit
Those who have a gun pointed at them or a noose around their neck are often asked if they have any of these
80's film about a gamer who is tapped to save the galaxy
A tour (and later album) of sketch comedy performed by Jerry Seinfeld
A popular series of Japanese RPGs involving people with spikey hair and big swords
Pink Floyd's 10th studio album -OR- the finished version of any studio album
A masterpiece by Da Vinci repopularized by Van Gogh

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