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-80 multiplied by 80Math
Median of these numbers: 80, 7, 12, 46, 35Math
12 multiplied by 27Math
What type of word is the following: SwiftlyLiteracy
Punctuation mark to show expression or loudnessLiteracy
Name of punctuation used to show possession or to fill in for missing lettersLiteracy
It symbol on the periodic table is NeScience
The process of a liquid turning into a solidScience
One of Mars' two moons Science
Hindu place of worshipReligious Education
Head of the Church, resides in the Vatican according to CatholicsReligious Education
Jewish place of worshipReligious Education
Start of World War II - Year onlyHistory
Number of Wives Henry VIII hadHistory
Ancient Egyptian God of mummification and the afterlife.History
Capital City of The PhilippinesGeography
The largest mountain in England (Not Scotland or Wales)Geography
Capital City of Rhode IslandGeography
Very famous painting, Held at Louvre Museum in Paris, France, painted by Leonardo da VinciArt
Sculptor and Artist of 'The Statue of David'Art
Name of a Street art style where spray paints are commonly usedArt
Official name of a note that lasts 2 notesMusic
Genre of Music which involves speaking chanting to a steady beatMusic
Style of Afro-Caribbean music that originated in Trinidad and TobagoMusic
The translation of 'Bibliothèque' - FrenchLanguages - French
The translation of 'Ciudad' - SpanishLanguages - Spanish
The Translation of 'Kartoffel' - GermanLanguages - German
The translation of 'Cane' - ItalianLanguages - Italian
The translation of 'Bicicleta' - PortugueseLanguages - Portuguese
The translation of 'かわいい or Kawaii' - JapaneseLanguages - Japanese

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