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Flag DescriptionCountry
There are 13 Stripes and 50 Stars.
The red maple leaf on this flag has been a symbol of this country from at least the middle of the 19th century.
The flag is the only flag that is a plain colour.
The red stands for the communist revolution and the large star is a symbol of the communist party.The four smaller stars represent workers,peasants,bourgeoisie and patriotic capita
The flag is called Hinomaru, meaning disc of the sun. The red sun/circle recalls the title of this country.
The sun with eight rays symbolizes liberty. The three stars represent the 3 main regions of the country and the flag is the only one to swap its colours during a war.
The blue stands for the final transition from foreign domination to independence. The yellow disc in the center represents the full moon.
The flag features a bird flying over the sea with the sun setting in the red background.
The green background represents forests and the yellow diamond in the center represents mineral resources. The blue circle with the white curved band and 27 stars is in the center.
The flag is a horizontal bicolour with blue on the top and red on the bottom. The crown was added to distinguish it from the flag of Haiti.
Flag DescriptionCountry
The flag is the Scandinavian cross, the background is blue while the cross is yellow.
The union flag is present in the top corner while the light blue background represents the pacific ocean. The country's shield of arms is also present
A white background with the horizontal blue stripes. In the middle is the Star of David.
Another bicolour flag. The white is on top while the blue is on the bottom. Also, the national coat of arms is in the center
This flag is called the Union Flag and combines St Patrick's cross, St George's cross and St Andrew's cross.
White background, and the central emblem is a red and blue yin-yang lookalike. Encircling the emblem are black lines,
The flag is a red-white-black horizontal tricolour with an eagle in the center
Red symbolizes sacrifices in the struggle for independence and the green cedar tree in the middle is a symbol of holyness
A green-white-red vertical tricolour with the national coat of arms in the center of the white stripe
A red background and a green star in the center

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