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Can you guess whether the actual number of each penalty in the 2016 NFL season was over or under the given number?

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PenaltyActual Number is Over or UnderActual Number
Illegal Formation: 93
Illegal Forward Pass: 20
Face Mask: 134
Offside on Free Kick: 104
Defensive 12 On-field: 30
Illegally Kicking Ball: 10
Tripping: 22
Intentional Grounding: 13
Delay of Game: 212
Kickoff Out of Bounds: 13
Illegal Touch Pass: 17
Illegal Shift: 6
Neutral Zone Infraction: 199
Illegal Contact: 74
False Start: 511
Illegal Blindside Block: 16
Ineligible Downfield Kick: 1
Taunting: 51
Roughing the Kicker: 1
Interference with Opportunity to Catch: 41
Player Out of Bounds on Punt: 21
Illegal Touch Kick: 0
Encroachment: 29
Illegal Crackback: 111
Offensive Offside: 3
Leverage: 29
PenaltyActual Number is Over or UnderActual Number
Illegal Use of Hands: 46
Offensive Pass Interference: 151
Defensive Delay of Game: 3
Illegal Bat: 9
Offensive 12 On-field: 38
Horse Collar Tackle: 33
Leaping: 8
Delay of Kickoff: 16
Defensive Offside: 109
Disqualification: 2
Offensive Holding: 804
Chop Block: 3
Low Block: 0
Running Into the Kicker: 3
Defensive Holding: 280
Ineligible Downfield Pass: 11
Fair Catch Interference: 10
Roughing the Passer: 51
Defensive Pass Interference: 427
Illegal Substitution: 33
Clipping: 1
Invalid Fair Catch Signal: 1
Unsportsmanlike Conduct: 59
Illegal Block Above the Waist: 107
Illegal Motion: 19
Unnecessary Roughness: 88

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