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Can you name the Random facts from the 'Doctor Who' episode 'The God Complex'??

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What is the number of the Doctor's room?
What does Rita threaten the Doctor with?
What was Gibbis' school motto?
What is in Amy's room
Through out the episode, What does the Doctor keep playing with?
What was in Lucy's room
The beast is a relative of the...
What is Joe's Rhyme?
What Colour is Amy & Rory's house?
What comes randomly out of a room and yells at the Doctor?
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What did Joe have as cuff-links?
Where does the Doctor attempt to trap the creature?
What does Lucy write on her note last?
What is the number of Amy's room?
What door is Rory shown?
What can you hear when the Doctor opens his door?
What the note say under the picture of the sultaran?
What does the Doctor call Amy near the end?
Where does Howie say they are?
What does the Doctor eat when they first arrive?

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