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Forced Order
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Actor who played Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean's softest and smallest friend
Mr. Bean's girlfriend is named
Language the title theme is sang in
Model of Mr. Bean's three wheeled nemesis
Model of Mr. Bean's car
What had Mr. Bean been concentratting on before the exam in 'Mr. Bean'
Colour of Mr. Bean's car in the first episode
Colour of Mr. Bean's car in most episodes
Horror movie that scares Mr. Bean
The comic book Mr. Bean is interested in at the dentist
The Vikar's voice in the church is voiced by
Name one of the directors cut sketches which didn't make an official episode
Name one of the two Mr. Bean films
What dish does Mr. Bean order only to be repulsed
Hotel room Mr. Bean stays in
Name Mr. Bean gave his credit card in 'The Curse of Mr. Bean'
Amount of Mr. Bean episodes
Mr. Bean's Christmas present for a mouse
Mr. Bean covers sticks with what spread
Name one of Mr. Bean's friends who attend his NYE party
How does Mr. Bean turn out the light in 'Goodnight, Mr. Bean'
In 'Back to School, Mr. Bean' what does Bean seem immune too
What item of furniture does Mr. Bean purchase on New Years Day
Mr. Bean's doonah cover is of what TV show
The disco Mr. Bean and his girlfriend go to in 'Mr. Bean Goes to Town'
Who does Mr. Bean headbutt in 'The Return of Mr. Bean'
This food made Mr. Bean feel sick while staying at a hotel
What item got stuck to Mr. Beans hand
Sport that Mr. Bean is very persistant at
Name one of the things Mr. Bean tries to purchase in 'The Return of Mr. Bean'
How does Mr. Bean earn money busking
Song Mr. Bean 'sings' in Church

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