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Can you name the franchise that these video games belong to?

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Key WordsFranchise
Deadly Alliance, Deception, Armageddon
Unleashed, Generations, Heroes
Going Commando, Up Your Arsenal, Quest for Booty
Eve of Destruction, The Passion, Unlimited
Enter the Dragonfly, The Eternal Night, Ripto's Rage!
Sons of Liberty, Guns of the Patriots, Snake Eater
Parallel Lines,Renegade, San Francisco
American Wasteland, Downhill Jam, Underground
The Angel of Darkness, Underworld, The Last Revelation
Tactics, X-2, The After Years
Skyward Sword, A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time
Legends of Rock, Metallica, Aerosmith
Codename 47, Contracts, Silent Assassin
Frontline, Airborne, Pacific Assault
Key WordsFranchise
Blue, Snap, Red
Crash, Paradise, Revenge
A-Spec, Concept, Prologue
3D, Forever, Land of the Babes
Galaxy, 64, Partners in Time
Invisible War, Human Revolution
Seeds of Evil, Dinosaur Hunter, Evolution
Prime, Fusion, Return of Samus
Head-On, Black, Small Brawl
Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman
Viva Las Vegas, Vendetta, Trilogy
Black Ops, World At War, Modern Warfare
High Stakes, Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted
Goldeneye, The Stealth Affair, Agent Under Fire
Key WordsFranchise
Brotherhood, Bloodlines, Revelations
Vice City, Episodes from Liberty City, San Andreas
Legions, Nightshade, The Silent Fury
End of Ages, Exile, Revelation
The Sands of Time, Warrior Within, Fallen King
Combat Evolved, Reach, Wars
Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell
Dark Resurrection, Hybrid, Tag Tournament
Jungle Beat, Junior, Country
USA, World, Exotica
Warped, Cortex Strikes Back, CTR
1942, 2142, Bad Company
Dead Aim, Nemesis, Code: Veronica

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