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ClueCharacterSurname/Extra Info
Maria's father
Yellow member of the veil species
The aliens that brought Bubble Shock to Earth
Orange aliens related to the Slitheen
Maria's Mum
Luke's friend and the joker of the group
Old alien friend of Sarah, features in 2 stories.
Rani's mum
Took over the Abbess of a convent and turned Maria's Dad to stone
Small alien species, one worked for the trickster.
Small blue alien species who like pizza, worked for UNIT.
The Head Teacher of Park Vale
Ex-companion who helped to defeat the Shansheeth
The law enforcers of the Shadow Proclamation
Man's best friend, doesn't get on with alien computers
Bug-like alien who stole Earth's children for a neverending war
Sarah-Jane's genius son
Sarah-Jane's ex-neighbour and friend of Luke
Alien computer in Sarah-Jane's attic
Leader of the Bane and Luke's 'mother'
Sarah-Jane's current neighbour, daughter of the Head Master
Alien villain who tried to replace Sarah-Jane.
Title character. Journalist who lives on Bannerman Road
Intergalactic undertakers, a rogue group tried to steal the TARDIS
Cyclops creatures sold as slaves after their ship crashed
Left for Sarah-Jane as a baby, this girl grew up quickly
Green aliens who can disguise themselves in human skin
Potato-headed aliens, one teamed up with an outcast Bane.
Gaseous purple alien, first alerted Maria to Sarah-Jane's activities
Recurring time-meddling alien who causes, and feeds on, chaos
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