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Can you answer the following multiple-choice questions about the landmarks of Eritrea?

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Which Eritrean city is known as 'The Pearl Of The Red Sea'?

A) Keren, B) Asmara, C) Massawa
In Massawa, there is a monument to the Eritrean Struggle For Independence which features which vehicles on a black marble base?

A) Tanks, B) Jeeps, C) Trains
The Sheikh Hanafi Mosque in Massawa can be found at the 'Piazza Degli Incendi', which means... what?

A) Imperial Square, B) Square of the Fire, C) Square of Flowers
Keren is popular with foreigners, starting with Werner Munzinger who arrived in 1855. What nationality was Munzinger?

A) German, B) Austrian, C) Swiss
The shrine of St. Mary of Daarit in Keren can be found in a grotto inside which tree?

A) Baobab, B) Cedar, C) Palm
What type of religious building is Debre Bizen, built on a high cliff near the town of Nefasit?

A) Monastery, B) Cathedral, C) Abbey
Which town contains the remnants of Eritrea's abundant evergreen tropical forest and is known for its wildlife?

A)Assab B) Dekemhare C) Filfil
Which area is one of the lowest on Earth and is the hottest place on Earth in terms of year-round average temperature?

A) Dallol Springs, B) Danakil Depression, C) Afar
Which mountain is also the highest point of Eritrea?

A) Semenawi Bahri, B) Great Rift Valley, C) Emba Soira
What is the name of the island group in the Red Sea near Massawa?

A) Erwa Peninsula, B) Nahaleg Archipelago, C) Dahlak Islands
In Asmara, what type of buildings are the Impero, Roma, Odeon, Capitol, and Hamasien?

A) Cinemas, B) Museums, C) Art Galleries
What type of building is Asmara's Fiat Tagliero Building?

A) Post office, B) Car service station, C) Opera house
What type of establishments are the Shuq, the Medeber, and the Edaga Lakha in Asmara?

A) Markets, B) Salons, C) Cafés
Which Italian is named as a benefactor in Asmara Cathedral?

A) Antonio Baldissera, B) Benito Mussolini, C) Guiseppe Terragni
In which year was Asmara designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

A) 2014, B) 2017, C) 2019
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