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A- VHS (later DVD) horror-based board game, also known as Nightmare; game hosts include The Gatekeeper, Baron Samedi, and Anne de Chantraine.
B- 2007 video game set in the underwater city of Rapture, and featuring Big Daddies and Little Sisters.
C- Fire/flying type Pokémon- similar to a dragon- first discovered in the Kanto region (Pokédex No. #006)
D- Anthropomorphic egg character in a series of 1980s-1990s video games created by the Oliver Twins.
E- In Street Fighter II, one of the eight playable characters; the sumo wrestler from Japan
F- One of the four railway stations on a standard UK Monopoly board
G- Psychotic (and snarky) artificial intelligence computer system in the Portal video games
H- Fighting type Pokémon- the evolution of Makuhita- first discovered in the Hoenn region (Pokédex No. #297)
I- Asian territory in Risk, between Mongolia and Yakutsk
J- Game of physical skill involving a tower of wooden blocks, which takes its name for the Swahili for 'to build'
K- Chess piece which usually looks like a horse's head, and can only move in an 'L' shape.
L- Alliterative villain in the board game Candy Lane (both names required)
M- The most expensive property on a standard UK Monopoly board (costing £400).
N- In Minecraft, a Hell-like dimension which can be accessed by player-built portals
O- Strategy board game, also known as Reversi, involving black and white coloured discs
P- Alliterative purple-hued suspect in Clue(do) (both names needed)
Q- Arcade game published by Gottlieb in 1982, featuring an orange jumping character.
R- Class in Dungeons & Dragons with an emphasis on stealth and dexterity, and able to do 'sneak attacks'
S- 8-bit personal home computer, first released in UK by Sinclair Research in 1982
T- Tile matching puzzle game, created by Soviet programmer Alexey Pajitnov, which was included with the Nintendo Game Boy
U- Asian territory in Risk, between Siberia and Ukraine
V- In Street Fighter II, one of the four Grand Masters; a Spanish bullfighter who uses a form of ninjutsu
W- Class in Dungeons & Dragons whose powers come from a Pact with a non-divine supernatural being (eg. Feywild or Primordials)
X- Video game console first released by Microsoft in 2001.
Y- Bug/flying type Pokémon- similar to a dragonfly- first discovered in the Johto region (Pokédex No. #193)
Z- Princess of Hyrule and titular character of a series of Nintendo video games.

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