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George Blanda managed to threw this many interceptions in one season?
Which runningback ran for the most yards in one season?
Who caught Tom Brady's record breaking 50th touchdown?
Some believe this quarterback took a dive for his friend, Michael Strahan, to break this sack record?
This kicker managed to win NFL MVP?
What did Dwayne Rudd do to cost the Browns the game against the Chiefs in 02?
Who was offensive rookie of the year in 1989?
Which has an, NFL record, 81 career interceptions?
Peyton Manning attended this SEC school?
Jamal Lewis ran for this amount of yards in 2003?
Who stoped Kevin Dyson from scoring the game tying TD in Superbowl?
Who has the record for most sacks in one game?
Who has the most defensive touchdowns in their career, with 12?
Ed Reed intercepted which quarterback to break his own interception yard record?
Who registered the most interceptions in a season?
Which QB set 2 passing records in 1984?

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