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Can you name the Power rangers couples?

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Mighty morphinGreen/white pink
Mighty morphinRed yellow
Mighty morphinBlack civilian
Mighty morphin Red yellow
Zeo turboGreen yellow
Turbo in spacePink red/blue
In spaceRed yellow
In spaceSilver villain
Lost galaxyRed pink
Lost galaxyMagna yellow
Lightspeed rescueRed pink
Lightspeed rescueTitanium yellow
Lightspeed rescueGreen head scientist
Lightspeed rescueBlue mermaid
Time forcePink red
Time forceYellow green
Time forceBlue villianiss
Time force wild forceQuantum yellow
Wild forceWhite pink
Wild forcePrincess lunar wolf
Ninja stormNavy blue
Ninja stormYellow villianiss
Ninja stormRed villianiss
Ninja stormCrimson green
Dino thunder mighty morphinCyber cafe owner blue
Dino thunderRed yellow
Dino thunderWhite tree girl
Dino thunderBlue prom date
SpdBlue pink
SpdYellow green
SpdRed civilian
Mystic forceBlue red
Mystic forceYellow pink
Mystic forceGreen gatekeeper
Mystic forceWhite wolf
Operation overdriveRed pink
Operation overdriveBlack yellow
Jungle furyRed yellow
Jungle furyRino book girl
RpmBlack yellow
RpmBlue silver
RpmRed villianiss
RpmGreen dr
SamuraiRed pink
SamuraiGreen yellow
SamuraiRed2 blue
MegaforceRed pink
MegaforceBlack/green yellow
Dino chargeRed pink
Dino chargeGreen black
Dino chargePurple gold
Ninja steelRed pink
Ninja steelWhite yellow

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