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If the egg is not fertilized then the lining of the uterus begins to break downDay _ to _ of the cycle
When an egg is released from the ovary and moves down the fallopian tube
Symptoms - Flu, Dark urine, Yellowing of skin and eyes, There is a vaccine availableIssa STD
Rubber that is used as a contraception method to prevent pregnancies and std's
Neck or opening to the uterus. Strongest muscle in the body
Two tubes which connect the ovaries to the uterus and carry egg to the uterus
Harm to the body caused by a person's own actionsType of Disease
Fertilized Eggs
Caused by an inadequate or unbalanced dietType of Disease
Organs in the scrotum that produces sperm and testosterone
Symptoms - Painful urination, discharge, pain in lower abdomen bleeding between menstrual periodsIssa STD
Symptoms - Blisters, pain with urination, fever/flulike symptoms, itching/tingling/burning sensationIssa STD
Caused by foreign invaders, (pathogens), which invade the bodyType of Disease
A hollow muscular organ that protects and nourishes the foetus
Male Gametes / Male sex cell produced by testicles
Sperm leaves the testes and travels down the ____ ______
Symptoms - Itchiness in the pubic areaIssa STD
Joins the fetus to the placenta
Any disease caused by something other than pathogenType of Disease
A disease which is caused by persons genetic makeup and can be passed fromType of Disease
An egg is released by an ovary into the oviductDay _ of the cycle
A combination of sperm and fluid
Will affect you rapidly, short term and rapid changesType of Disease
The egg can last up to 3 days after it is released to the middle of the ovary. During this time the egg travels down the oviduct.Day _ to _ of the cycle
Gradual diseases that are relatively stable and long termType of Disease
Around day __ of the blood flow the lining of the uterus begins to build up again. At this time and egg starts to mature in one of the ovariesDay _ to _ of the cycle
HintAnswerExtra Info
Cord-like structure in the back of testes
Symptoms - Warts in the genital areaIssa STD
A person's sex cells
Permanent or temporary damage to any part of the bodyType of Disease
Changed to the mind without physical disorderType of Disease
The time of the month when the lining of the uterus comes away and exits through the vagina as bloodDay _ to _ of the cycle
Symptoms - Itches, tiny blisters and bumps in the pubic areaIssa STD
The organ for reproduction and urination
Egg shaped. Produces female hormones. Stores and releases ovum
Sacs that regulates temperature for sperm production
Gradual decline in functions of the bodyType of Disease
The process where the sperm and egg have to meet and a sperm nucleus must fuse with the egg nucleus
Finger-like projections grow into the uterus forming a plate like structure.
Symptoms - Yellow discharge, pain in the lower abdomen, painful urinationIssa STD
________ provide the sperm cells with food so that they have energy for swimming
Each gametes contains ____ the number of chromosomes
Secretes an alkaline fluid that neutralises the acidy
Passage of sperm and semen from the penis
________ carries the sperm out of the body
Empty passageway leading from the vaginal opening to the uterus
Female Gametes
A process in which the women is given hormones to encourage her ovaries to release eggs
Due to the influence of social experiment or behaviour, such as poor housing or substance abuseType of Disease
Symptoms - Painless sore called a chancre Issa STD

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