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Can you name the answers starting from one letter and getting longer?

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A (1)Initials of Baracus (A-Team)
B (2)___ Guevara, revolutionary
C (3)Plural of 'datum'
D (4)The first number alphabetically
E (5)Adjective that describes a cat
F (6)The tallest living land animal species
G (7)The first element in the Periodic Table
H (8)A triangle with two equal side lengths
I (9)A pink, singing Pokémon
J (10)An irresistible impulse to steal
K (11)Singer, 'Are You Gonna Go My Way'
L (12)Sister of Bart and Lisa
M (13)Opposite to South-southwest
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N (14)First six words of The Star-Spangled Banner
O (15)A PC you might be using now
P (16)Football team who play at Loftus Road
Q (17)Band often shortened to RHCP
R (18)A hint already used
S (19)Star Wars Episode V:
T (20)Third largest country in the world
U (21)South American countries (from North to South), ending in A, using the same time zone as Chile
V (22)Film: Snow ...
W (23)Factors of XC excluding I and itself, in descending order
X (24)'Can ___ from one letter and getting longer?'
Y (25)The numbers 0-6 inclusive in letters
Z (26)(none)

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