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HintNameGame Featured
Spiky-haired protagonist1-4
Cravat-wearing prosecutor1-3, 5
Burger-eating sidekick1-3
Deceased mentor1-3
Whip-wielding prodigy2,3, 5
Coffee-drinking prosecutor3
Scruffy detective1-5
Presides over cases1-5
Protagonist's flirtatious childhood friend1, 3, 5
The plant kept in the office1-4
Victim in case 1-11
Killer in case 1-11
Head of Bluecorp1
Secretary for Bluecorp1
Lemon-loving old defense attorney1, 3
Gatewater employee1, 2
Ugly action hero1, 2
Victim in case 1-31
Long-winded security guard1, 2, 5
Child-fan of the biggest action hero1
Shy studio assistant1
Producer for Global Studios1
Director for Global Studios1
Southern photographer1,2
Victim in case 1-41
Boat rental shop man1
Undefeated for 40 years1
Old man's pet parrot1
Police dog1, 5
Mythical lake monster1
Father to the hero's rival1
Head of Kurain Village1, 3
Chief ProsecutorRise from the Ashes
Forensic investigator-in-trainingRftA, 4, 5
Victim in 1-5RftA
'Cough-Up Queen'RftA
Texan police officerRftA
Deceased Texan detectiveRftA
Chief of policeRftA
Serial killer involved in 1-5RftA
Police mascot1, 4, 5
Police officer with megaphone1, 4, 5
Unlucky officer2, 3, 5
Likes bananas2
Victim in case 2-12
Matriarch in the branch family2
Youngest in the Kurain branch family2, 3
Victim in 2-22
HintNameGame Featured
A, like, college student?2
Nurse that got in a car accident2
Perverted old patient at the hospital2, 4
Her ashes are kept in the urn2, 3
Naive animal tamer2
Victim in 2-32
Circus monkey2
Deceased circus lion2
Crippled acrobat2
Acrobat that is in a coma2
Ventriloquist's dummy2
Circus tiger2
Global Studio's popular young actor2
Victim in case 2-42
Co-dependent manager2,3
Deceased Global Studios manager2
Affable assassin-for-hire2
Pet cat2
Victim in 3-13
Red-haired twin3
Timid ex-security guard/notorious thief3
Danger-loving wife to the thief3
Victim in 3-23
Loan shark3
Mobster's granddaughter3
Flamboyant French chef3
Victim in 3-33
Head of Blue Screen3
Pigeon-feeding old man3
Head of the mob3
Presides over cases 3-4 and part of 3-53
Escaped, but harmless, convict3
Victim in 3-43
Black-haired twin3
Head of Hazakurain3
Hero of the fourth game4
Rock'n'roll prosecutor4
'Coolest Defense in the West'4
Performs at the Wonder Bar4
Wooden puppet that's her favorite trick4
Victim in case 4-14
Card dealer for Borscht Bowl Club4
Acts 'like an O.G., bizzzzzzoy!'4
Female head of mob4
Male head of mob4
HintNameGame Featured
Gangster's fiance4
Panty thief4
Noodle-stand owner4
Victim in 4-24
'Siren of the Ballad'4
'Pixie of the Arpeggio'4
Yellow half of magician duo4
Victim in 4-34
Victim in 4-44
Agoraphobic forger4
Red half of magician duo
Mint-smelling reporter4
Deceased master magician4
Daughter to leader of famous troupe
Victim in 5-15
Name of the great thief5
Sports-loving prosecutor5
Straightlaced flight attendent5
Laid-back flight attendent5
Borginian art dealer5
Victim in 5-25
Father to kidnapped son5
Kidnapped in 5-35
Interpol agent who despises prosecutors5
Assisant to agent5
Victim in 5-35
Daughter to the victim5
Female police mascot5
Antagonist to the police mascot5
Early concept of police mascot5
Victim in 5-4; prosecutor5
Defense attorney with a sense of humor5
Tough detective5
Victim in KG-8; defense's sister
Victim in KG-8; Cohdopian leader5
Victim in 5-4; criminal5
Babahl ambassador5
Allabast ambassador5
Victim in 5-5; secretariat5
Victim in 5-5; thief5
TV hero of Neo Olde Tokyo1-5
TV female hero of Neo Olde Tokyo1-5
TV hero--son of the original hero2
TV hero with a bright red guitar2
TV villain of Neo Olde Toyko1,2,5

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