The 100 Question Batman Quiz

Can you name the The Batman Quiz?

In what publication did Batman first appear?
In what year was that publication published?
What was he called in that first publication?
What did Batman do in his original appearances that he no longer does?
What color were his gloves originally?
What was the title of Batmans first adventure?
What historical Scottish figure inspired Batmans real name?
Who is the man usually credited with creating Batman?
Who was the 'creators'' partner who was usually not credited?
What was Batmans fathers' name?
What was Batmans mothers' name?
What was the name of the man who killed Batmans parents?
In what year did Batmans nemesis, The Joker, first appear?
What other important character appeared in the same year?
Who was the first Robin?
and then was 'killed' by who?
and then was 'killed' by who?
The first Robin dropped the Robin title for what new one?
and now he operates as who?
What title does the second Robin currently go as?
What title does the third Robin currently go as?
What title does the fourth Robin currently go as?
Who was the first actor to portray Batman in a live action film?
Who is most famous for voicing Batman in animated appearances?
Who first portrayed The Joker in a live action film?
Who is most famous for voicing The Joker in animated appearances?
What is Alfreds full name?
and in what year did Alfred first appear?
Roman Sionis is better known as what?
Waylon Jones?
Selina Kyle?
Basil Karlo?
Matt Hagen?
Preston Payne?
Garfield Lynns?
Floyd Lawton?
Thomas Elliot?
Thomas Blake?
Oswald Cobblepot?
Cameron Van Cleer?
Jonathan Crane?
Victor Fries?
Kirk Langstrom?
Jervis Tetch?
Pamela Isley?
Dumfrey and Deever Tweed?
Jean-Paul Valley?
Cyrus Gold?
Arnold Wesker?
Warren White?
Charles Brown?
Judson Caspian?
Who refers to Batman as 'The Detective'?
What villain has an obsession with Batman, and dresses up as him sometimes?
The former leader of the Falcone crime family?
What is Batmans signature weapon?
Who broke the Bat?
Who 'killed' Batman?
Who is the leader of the The Black Glove?
Who was the first Batgirl?
who now goes by:
better known as:
Who was the first Batwoman?
and the second?
Who is the mother of Batmans son?
What is the full name of Arkham Asylum
Who was the founder of Arkham?
The most recent director of Arkham?
Who then took on the mantle of...?
Arkhams head of security?
The name Arkham is based on a fictional town created by this famous writer:
Which graphic novel is the game 'Batman: Arkham Asylum' loosely based on?
and the administrator of Arkham in that story?
In that story, what did a doctor first replace Two-Faces signature coin with
and what was that replaced with?
Who wrote The Dark Knight Returns?
The Long Halloween?
Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth?
What, now famous, villain was introduced in 1992?
Who directed 'Batman' and 'Batman Returns?
Who directed 'Batman Forever' and 'Batman and Robin'
Who directed 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight'?
the answer to the above question co-wrote those two films with...
Given the success of Batman and Robin, the next film in that series was going to be titled what?
What species of dinosaur does Batman have a replica of in the batcave?

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