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Animal HintName of AnimalCollection Name
3-letter word primateshrewdness or troop
very prickly animalprickle
general term for many 6-legged animalshorde, nest, swarm, rabble, or plague
striped crossing, zeal, cohorts, or herd
young one is a joeytroop, mob, or herd
not the same as a young horsestring
1 of favorite things: whiskers on ______kindle, litter, or intrigue
. . . the deer and the _____ play . . .herd
one of the spotted big catsleap
only bird who can truly hovercharm
found on some polo-type shirtscongregation
don't get stung by one in the oceansmack, or brood
one may be called Sonicarray
U. S. national birdconvocation, or aerie
horse of the desertcaravan, train, or flock
mammals of the family Ursidaesloth, sleuth or litter
similar to a muledrove, pace, or herd
star of picture book by Eric Carlearmy
flying nocturnal mammalcolony or cloud
pretty, winged insectflight, or flutter
Animal HintName of AnimalCollection Name
Captain Hook's nemesisbask, or float
slightly smaller than a raven, same colormurder, horde, parcel, or storytelling
intelligent, popular oceanic mammalpod
it 'never forgets'herd, or memory
slippery as an ____swarm, bed, or fry
king of catspride, sault, or troop
one of 10 Biblical plagues plague
not a creature was stirring, not even a ____mischief or nest
kind of swine that is older and weighs more than 120 lbsdrove, or herd
same name as famous nurse's last namewatch
underground, nearly blind mammallabor, company, or movement
playful, water-loving mammalromp, bevy, family, or raft
nocturnal predator birdparliament, or stare
black and white mammal from Chinabamboo
'pride' is a good group name for these birdsmuster, ostentation, or pride
unpopular reptileden, nest, pit, bed, or knot
dog breed from ancient name of Beijingpomp
masked mammalgaze
crazy like a _____leash, skulk, earth, lead, or troop

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