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Can you name the Brands from the provided clues?

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Clue 1BrandClue 2
Extremely smallSmooth to touch, not rough
English for 'nein' or 'non'South Korean car manufacturer
Local dialect eg. Scouse, australianYou=u, Night=nite, You're=.......?
.........scraperAbbreviation of Physical Education
.........up to the factSomething to read from
Short for UniversityA device used for lifting a heavy weight with little effort
Ones family and relationsMasculine form of 'The' in German
Shines brightly in the skyAnother name for US dollars
Crimson, scarlet, bloodMale cow
Abbreviation of themAngry
Associated with trigonometryReady, Set.........!
Word before morning, afternoon and nightMinutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months......

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