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Comedy/CharacterComedy name or person playing character
Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey & Chandler were in :
Rachel Green
Phoebe Buffay
Ross Geller
Monica Geller
Joey Tribbiani
Chandler Bing
Fowler, Goody, Habib, Dawkins, Grim & Gladstone were in :
Raymond Fowler
Kevin Goody
Diana, Tom, Marion, Geoffrey, Harvey & Jane were in :
Diana Trent
Tom Ballard
Harvey Bains
Jane Edwards
Lister, Rimmer, Kryten & Holly were in :
Dave Lister
Arnold Rimmer
Tom, Barbara, Margo & Jerry were in :
Tom Good
Barbara Good
Margo Leadbetter
Jerry Leadbetter
Gus, George, Henry, Sally, Dave, Damien & Joy were in :
Dave Charnley
Damien Day
Joy Merriweather
Mainwaring, Wilson, Jones, Pike & Walker were in :
George Mainwaring
Arthur Wilson
Jack Jones
Frank Pike
Derek, Rodney, Albert, Trigger & Boycie were in :
Derek Trotter
Rodney Trotter
Uncle Albert Trotter
Aubrey Boyce
Janitor, JD, Turk, Elliot, Carla, Todd, Jordan, Perry, Kelso & Ted were in :
John 'JD' Dorian
Christopher Turk
Elliot Reid
Perry Cox
Figgis, Glover, Norman & Doctor Thorpe were in :
Roy Figgis
Archie Glover
Dr Gordon Thorpe
Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard & Raj were in :
Comedy/CharacterComedy name or person playing character
Sheldon Cooper
Leonard Hofstadter
George, Emily, Tyler & Piers were in :
George Sunday
Janet Sunday
Piers Crispin
Mrs Slocombe, Miss Brahms, Mr Humphries & Captain Peacock were in :
Betty Slocombe
Shirley Brahms
Wilberforce Humphries
Frank & Betty Spencer were in :
Frank Spencer
Betty Spencer
Gaz, Jonny, Donna, Janet & Louise were in :
Gaz Wilkinson
Donna Wilkinson
Jonny Keogh
Janet Keogh
Albert Arkwright, Granville & Nurse Gladys were in :
Albert Arkwright
Nurse Gladys Emmanuel
Bob Louis, Dave Briggs & Superintendent Cottam were in :
Bob Louis
Dave Briggs
Superintendent Cottam
Ben, Susan, Nick, Janey & Michael were in :
Ben Harper
Susan Harper
Lee, Tim, Lucy & Barbara were in :
Alan Statham, Martin Dear, Joanna Clore, Guy Secretan, Caroline Todd & Dr McCartney were in :
Guillaume Secretan
Dr Macartney
Caroline Todd
Joanna Clore
Sue White
Eric, Jacko, Lesley, Lionel & Veronica were in :
Lionel Bainbridge
Lesley Bainbridge
Sharon, Tracey & Dorien
Sharon Theodopolopodous
Tracey Stubbs
Dorien Green
Alan B'stard, Sarah B'stard & Piers Fletcher-Dervish were in :
Alan B'stard
Comedy/CharacterComedy name or person playing character
Sarah B'stard
Piers Fletcher-Dervish
Sam, Woody, Carla, Norm, Cliff, Frasier & Rebecca were in :
Sam Malone
Woody Boyd
Carla Tortelli
Dr Frasier Crane
Rebecca Howe
Victor, Margaret, Mrs Warboys, Pippa & Patrick
Victor Meldrew
Margaret Meldrew
Vince Penner & Penny Warrender
Vince Penner
Penny Warrender
Vyvyan, Rick, Neil & Mike
Fletcher, Godber & Mr Mackay
Norman Stanley Fletcher
Lennie Godber
Mr MacKay
Mr Barrowclough
Basil, Sybil, Polly & Manuel were in :
Brian, Jerry, Ray, Max & Paddy were in :
Brian Potter
Jerry 'St Clair' Dignan
Jack, Stan, Olive, Arthur & Blakey
Stan Butler
Olive Rudge
Arthur Rudge
Simon Peel, Oliver Smallbridge, Ringo & Banks were in :
Simon Peel
Oliver Smallbridge
Al, Peggy, Bud & Kelly were in :
Al Bundy
Peggy Bundy
Kelly Bundy
Fraser, Diefenbaker, Vecchio & Francesca were in :
Benton Fraser
Ray Vecchio

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